Shoe Machine Evsm001 Silk Cotton Thread Dual Use Shoe Repair Machine Maximum Sewing Thickness 1cm

Cast Iron
Maximum Sewing Thickness
Maximum Sewing Thickness 1cm
Supply Ability
3000 Set/Sets Per Month
Transport Package
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Product Spec. 
Name: Silk cotton double shoe machine
Model: EVSM001
Machine size: 49x15x35cm
Material: cast iron
Net weight: 11kgs/11.8kgs
Maximum sewing thickness: 1cm
With or without accessories (including what): accessories see attachment
Packing size: 54x36x15cm
Function: Can mend all kinds of cloth shoes for men and women, rubber shoes, leather shoes, travel shoes, high heels, as well as raincoats, leather bags, cloth bags, and other leather products, in addition to sewing some documents
Features: It can be used with nylon thread, cotton thread can also be used, both lines can be used
1. Use and maintenance:
The active part of the shoe-removing machine needs to be refueled once a day to ensure that the machine is running lightly and without noise. In particular, the shuttle should be changed once, and the oil should be added once to avoid the occurrence of stem lines and easy wear, improve work efficiency and prolong service life.

2. Preparation before operation:

1. Pull up the presser foot to avoid friction between the presser foot and the needle plate.

2. Check the fastening of the fixing screws of each part.

3, each part of the fuel point plus lubricants.

4. Shake the guide plate without any clicks.3. Threading and lead:

1. Take the bobbin case and the bobbin: Swing the guide plate, raise the needle to the high position, use the tweezers to remove the shuttle, lift and push the upper needle plate, and use the tweezers to remove the shuttle.

2. Bobbin winding:

Pull down the winding machine, pull out the thread around the bobbin and insert it into the bobbin for several weeks. Shake the guide to be wound around the bobbin and pull it back.

3. The spindle is first passed through the thread of the shuttle, and the bobbin is inserted into the shuttle, and then the thread is threaded into the upper thread to pull the thread.

4. The position of the shuttle is the hand guide. When the needle is about to rise, the tail should be aligned with the needle slot, and the thread is pulled out 2-3 inches long. Press the needle plate in the half-moon slot of the shuttle, then close the upper needle plate. Shake the large plate to bring the bottom thread to the needle plate. If the position of the shuttle is placed incorrectly, the bottom thread cannot be taken at the same time.

5. Wear the upper thread:
Shake the guide, raise the needle to the high position, and lower the presser foot. Pull the wire end in the online roll, pass through the middle shaft wrap spring, pass the wire clamp and the wire frame, pass through the wire spring and the wire pick, enter the needle bar hole, and then pull the wire through the pin hole to pull out the wire head 2-3 Inch.

6. Pull the upper thread of the upper thread (not too tight), use the right hand to shake the guide, so that the needle thread passes through the hole of the needle board to draw the bottom line, and the bottom line together makes the machine press the foot gap to the left rear.The relationship between the bottom line and the quality of sewing:

1. Identification of stitches.

2. Adjust the pressure of the bottom line of the surface. Rotate the upper thread tightly. When the use time is too long, the bottom line will appear too fast. At this time, the thread can be threaded or the bobbin can be changed. The bottom line is tight and the thread take-up lever will be taken. The fixing screw is relaxed, the needle picking rod is pushed backwards, and then the rotation of the bobbin is checked for flexibility. The sanding of the threading nut is used to tighten the adjustment of the stitch length of the crimping nut.

5. Adjusting the stitch length

Since the stitch length must be adjusted due to the different sewing materials, when the stitch length is selected, the stitch length screw only needs to be loosened. When the stitch length is short, and the upward movement is reversed, it is sufficient.

6. Adjustment of presser foot pressure

When the pressure is increased when the seam is thickened, the presser nut of the presser spring can be tightened to increase the tension of the tension spring, which increases the pressure of the presser foot, and vice versa.7. Handling of the needle and the matching of the sewing material:
1. Turn the guide disc to raise the needle bar to the high position, loosen the needle collet screw, remove the old needle, insert the new needle flat into the groove of the needle bar, and when the needle touches the needle positioning position at the bottom of the groove, then Tighten the screws.

2. Needle and sewing material: Generally use the 18th needle, sewing all kinds of rubber shoes and edging shoes and other thinner type 14-16 needles, sewing all kinds of shoes and canvas and other thicker with 18th needle.

8. Soto position adjustment: (many people will not be able to draw the bottom line, the reason is that the position is misplaced)

When the shuttle is disconnected, the tail of the shuttle must be aligned with the needle slot. The difference is a lot. The position of the shuttle is misplaced. If it is not right, adjust it. Loosen the link and the link linkage screw and move the lever to make the shuttle. Just align the tail with the needle groove and tighten the screw.

9. Adjustment of the needle bar up and down: In the needle movement phase, the pinhole hole should be aligned with the plane of the shuttle bottom plate, otherwise it should be adjusted by loosening the screw on the small connecting rod shaft, moving the needle bar to the correct position and then tightening.

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