GRP SMC FRP Stainless Steel Water Storage Tank

Model NO.
1 Year
Panel Size
5mm, 8mm, 10mm ,12mm, 14mm,,16mm
Transport Package
Plywood Case, Plywood Pallet
Hebei, China
HS Code
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GRP SMC FRP Stainless Steel Water Storage Tank
SMC fiberglass water tank is also called SMC storage tank, FRP/GRP water tank, SMC panel tanks. It is a new type of tank. It is made of high qualified SMC panels. Sheet molding compound (SMC) is a kind of fiberglass reinforced plastic, which is a mixture of unsaturated polyester resin with impregnating augmentation material, filling material and glass fiber. SMC water tank is nontoxic, durable, lightweight, corrosion resistant and good-looking. Meanwhile, its easy to maintain and long-life. It is widely used in water storage in residential buildings, schools, hotel. SMC water tanks are used both for domestic water as well as medicine and health where needs good water supply quality.

GRP SMC FRP Stainless Steel Water Storage Tank / Sectional Water Tank Specifications 

1.SMC moulded singal board specifications(If need other specifications we can chatting)
   1000x1000mm ,1000x 500mm ,500x 500mm
2.thickness:5mm, 8mm, 10mm ,12mm, 14mm,,16mm ,The thinkness is 5mm signal board is used for water tank cover plate
3.SMC moulded water tank is measure up GB5749-85
4.Capacity: 0.125m3 ~ 5000m3

SMC moulded signal baord specifications


Tensile strength Mpa ≥70MPa
Bending strength  ≥100 Mpa
Barcol hardness ≥60  
Water absorption  ≤ 1.0%
Fiber glass content ≥25% 
Flexural Modulus of Elasticity ≥ 5900MPa


Installation Instructions of GRP SMC FRP Stainless Steel Water Storage Tank
1 Based on the first plane leveling cement, on the same plane so that the error should not exceed ± 0.5cm.
Welding channel: channel according to the size of the tank welding good match its size and the tank floor size, channel steel welding complete, the diagonal measurements, error of ± 0.5cm, and all welds to connect uniform row seam line.
2 Install the end state: water tank according to the board printed number and description of the arrangement, the connection of the tank bottom, while between two boards add sealing tape, bolted ¢ 10s. Securely sealed bottom plate, bolt afterburner afterburner to a uniform, one-time can not be too much force, otherwise due to uneven force caused by the split plate phenomenon.
3 Is connected with a fixed angle iron and channel steel base plate, so that the tank housing more firmly fixed on the basis of the channel.
4 Install states: water tank according to the board printed number and description to identify the layers BOND NO tank state body, and previously separate state body assembled with bolts.
5 Install stretch: Stretch inner tank according to the size, number and find internal reinforcement length. Measuring stretch of wire reinforcement plate fastening parts, Indian painting, drilling, on to the wire, tighten to make a flat stretch in balance with the tank housing. If there is a large error between the casing and reinforcement, can be adjusted by adjusting the size of the error bolt tightness, until the error is adjusted to a minimum so far.
6 Install the cover: the final installation of the tank top cover, and even fastening bolts can not force too large or too small. After all the fasteners tank adjusted, according to the drawing hole location, a good all pipes, having a good valve flange for docking.
7 Tanks fully installed, unified inspection, adjustment, test the water does not leak in compliance.

How to correctly use GRP SMC FRP Stainless Steel Water Storage Tank?

1. Fiberglass tanks for the storage of drinking water at room temperature and the design and manufacture, please do not store hot water and other liquids (chemicals, oil, etc.)
2. On-site construction: pre-construction, install the stay requested by the foundation. Providing power and construction inspection seal with water.
3. To avoid water tank next to the fire: When welding operations, to take protective measures, not to splash the water tank panels Mars.
4. To prevent contaminants from flowing into the tank from the outside: for the convenience and safety of maintenance and inspection, the tank must leave some space around.
5. The molded fiberglass boards do not touch on the corners, do not beat something with hard tools.
6. In order to prevent expansion of the pipe, shrinkage, partial load and shock, glass steel water tank, outlet pipe must be of rubber around the streets (expansion joints), to take over the additional weight should be supported, not acting on the tank.

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