Bromide Removal Filters for Various Capacity Ranging From 10 M3/Hr Upto 250 M3/Hr

Foshan, China
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Guangdong Skyview Environmental Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Diamond / Audited Supplier
(Water desalination integrated equipment with double film method)
About us:
Since 2006, our company began to focus on seawater desalination technology, product and engineering implementation. The seawater desalination technology and rich engineering experience accumulated over the years. According to local conditions, we will ensure the best results under various conditions. The output of fresh water meets the drinking water standard stipulated by WHO .
Water can be treated as an industrial pure water for power and energy industries. Our companys seawater desalination technology has gradually entered a wider field of application, such as the desalination of sea water after partially desalination of the grassland, saving a large amount of water resources, the cost is lower than the depth of sewage treatment. In addition, many coastal cities have now built or are building artificial ski resorts, golf courses, and so on, to maintain the operation of these places to consume a lot of fresh water. With the policy support of the government departments, these problems can be solved economically through seawater desalination. In these respects, our company has advanced technology, economically feasible mature technology and successful application experience.
  1. Low energy consumption: The use of ERI energy recovery system, efficient energy recovery system and overall optimization design greatly reduce energy consumption.
  2. Water quality stability: Advanced water quality control box and precise system maintenance plan ensure long-term stability of effluent quality.
  3. Long service life: Rigorous process design and excellent and meticulous equipment selection ensure the long service life and low maintenance cost of the system.
  4. Highly intelligent: A set of equipment operation mode has been summed up for many years, and the monitoring software of seawater desalination can be developed according to the needs of the users, and the automatic control system with good man-machine dialogue function can be provided.
Influent water parameters Effluent water parameters Operating parameters
Source of water Seawater, brackish water Desalination rate >98.5% Operation mode Ultrafiltration & reverse osmosis
PH 3~10 Turbidity <0.05NTU Cleaning method Online air clean, Chemical clean
Salt content <40000mg/L Percent recovery 30~50% Operating pressure 3~5.8Mpa
Temperature <0.1mg/L Conductivity ≤10µs/cm Effluent water pressure ≥0.15Mpa
Oil Content <2mg/L Water-quality index Conforming to standard GB5749-2006 Operating temperature 5~45ºC
COD <1.5mg/L
Product configuration
Mode Processing quantity Water intake Size capacity factor Weight(kg)
JT-50TSW 50m³/d DN40 ISO 20ft(HC) 380V/50Hz/30KW 6000
JT-100TSW 100m³/d DN50 ISO 20ft(HC) 380V/50Hz/40KW 8000
JT-150TSW 150m³/d DN65 ISO 40ft(HC) 380V/50Hz/45KW 9000
JT-200TSW 200m³/d DN80 ISO 40ft(HC) 380V/50Hz/50KW 10000


  1. Direct drinking water project in high grade community
  2. Seawater and brackish water for domestic and drinking water projects
  3. In the production of thermal power, thermal power plants, boilers, factories and mining enterprises, the softening water needed for low-pressure boiler feed water, desalted pure water.
  4. The pure water of making the beverage industry(including the wine-making industry)
  5. Pure water equipment needed for electronic industrial IC production