Automatic Focusing Mopa Fiber Laser Color Marking Engraving Cutting Printing Machine for Metal Plastic Number Logo Ce Enclosed

Model NO.
Optical Fiber Laser Marking Machine
Marking Method
Scanning Marking
Application Material
Metal and Some Non-Metal
Shipping Date
3-5 Work Days After Receiving Payment
2 Years for The Laser Source, 1 Year for Other
Marking Scope
Optional: 100*100mm/150*150mm/200*200mm
Focus Way
Optional: Motorized/Automatically/3D
Choosable: 220V/110V
Optional with or Not, Software Fits Any Windows
Transport Package
Wooden Box
CE passed, Europe/ Asia/ America Standard
Shenzhen, China
HS Code
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Automatic Focusing MOPA Fiber Laser Color Marking Engraving Cutting Printing Machine for Metal Plastic Number Logo CE Enclosed

CKD-SMLC series has 20W, 30W and 50W laser source configuration, can be used for marking, engraving and cutting metal, and can mark some non metal like plastic, paper and so on.

Its full sealing enclosed, reduce harmful metal dust during processing, convenient to recovery of precious metal, protect eyes from laser, with automatic alarm function, easy control and remeber focus lenght by 0.01mm, simplify the operation, anyone can use its multi-function after 20 minutes learning.

Electronic products, daily necessities, packaging, gift, craft, auto parts, digital products, communication goods, building materials, electrical appliances, kitchenware, jewelry, sanitary ware, medical apparatus, advertising making, photovoltaic product, commodity, hardware, and so on.

All metal: stainless steel, copper, aluminum, gold, silver, titanium, alloy, etc.
Some non-metal: ABS, PVC, acrylic (non-transparent), ceramic, EP, HDPE, PC, plastic alloy, ink and paint face, etc.


Can process
long material after opening the door, can mark big material 30*50mm when the door is closed.
red dots overlap, it is right focus, avoid red light shifting, more accuracy.
Alarm after the processing/cutting/engraving/marking finished.

                                     FOCUS READER

cut precious metal (gold, K gold, silver and so on), easily recycle.
Avoid smoke or metal dust harm people.
Can use
cutting fixture.
spot lamp for observe marking effect.

One step to connect rotary, can use small or big rotary from 50mm, 80mm or 100mm (The size here refers to the chuck diameter of the rotary)

Auto focus by up or down button, easy to read focus by the reader on the wall, convenient to mark/engrave different height material.
Safty door, with
professional laser protect glass on the door, marking is stoped when the door is opened

Safety power connection, leave expand ports for
expand functions.

* Easy focusing
–Can choose configuration of auto-focusing, Z-axis focusing or motorized focusing, easier than handly focusing.
–Three focusing tools, high precision accuracy.
–With focus distance reader on the door, easily record differnt focus of different material.

* Can add automation extension axis

* Automatic alarm after marking finished

* Cover can be removed when marking huge material

* Total dust-proof
–Smoke or metal dust caused during marking will not go in machine or sucked by people.

* Protect eyes from laser
–First class full sealing, professional laser protective glass on the door, reduce the laser harm to eyes. 

* When the front door opened, marking stop. 

* Automatic alarm after marking

* Spotlight inside the cabinet, convenient to observe

* Threble electric shock protection, safty enough.

* Orginal new version BJJCZ control board, software keeps updating for users.
–Easy operation of software, long using life without broken.

* Flexible
–Can change computer easily without calibration again.

* Can plug on rotary by one connector.
–Even didnt buy a rotary with the machine together, users can easily connect the rotary on the machine without opening the machine, just mount on one rotary plug.

* Small machine with big working scope
–Machine: 500x650x815mm
–Working scope: 300*500cm
Meet CE standard, FDA, IEC and so on.


laser source 20W or 30W or 50W Optional CKD-SMLC-20 installs 20W laser source
CKD-SMLC-30 is installs 30W laser source
CKD-SMLC-50 is installs 50W laser source
marking scope recommend CKD-SMLC-20 100*100mm Big marking scope weaken laser power, thoes are suitable match recommend for you. 100*100mm scope of 50W can be used for cutting thin metal or paper
CKD-SMLC-30 Optional: 100*100/150*150/200*200mm
CKD-SMLC-50 Optional: 100*100/150*150/200*200/300*300mm
Computer Window 7/8/10 Optional: with or without  
Computer language: English as basic, you can choose your language after receiving.
Marking Software EzCad Language: English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese  
Control Board BJJCZ Original newest version  
Galvonameter Digital scanehead Speed: 1-7000 If you need more quickly speed, please notice us, it can be 1-10000, 1-12000, or 1-15000.
Rotary chuck diameter: 50mm Optional part, for jewelry marking  
chuck diameter: 80mm Optional part, for tuber or column marking  
chuck diameter: 100mm Optional part, for bigger column, cup, bottle, etc.  
Foot switch with standard attchment, every type with  
CD with standard attchment, every type with with marking software inside
Training video with send traning video link after receiving machine  
Focusing ways Selectable Auto-focusing, Z-axis focusing or motorized focusing, any way among them is easier than handly focusing.  
Focusing tools with One LED focusing tool in machine, one or two LED focusing tools in galvanometer help you find right focus easily, standard attchment, every type with
USB cable with Optional: 1.5m or 3m Recommend 1.5m, the shorter the much sensitive
Spot light with    
Plug   Optional standard: Asia, Europe, American, Australia and so on  


Parameters Unit Data Data Data
Laser Average Output Power W 21±1 31±1 51±1
Laser Type   Q-switched/MOPA Q-switched/MOPA Q-switched
Central Wavelength nm 1064 1064 1064
Repetition Frequency KHz 20-80 30-80 50-80
Beam Quality M2 <1.6 <1.6 <1.6
Focus Spot Diameter mm <0.01 <0.01 <0.01
Max. Power of Single Pulse mj 1±0.05@20KHz 1±0.05@30KHz 1±0.05@50KHz
Life-span of Fiber Laser Module hrs ≥100,000 ≥100,000 ≥100,000
Temperature of Operation Environment ºC 0-40 0-40 0-40
Cooling Mode   Air Cooling Air Cooling Air Cooling
Control board and software   EzCad2 EzCad2 EzCad2
Computer Operation System   Windows 7/8/10 Windows 7/8/10 Windows 7/8/10
Computer Requested   With With With
Power Source Requirement   90-240V/50-60Hz/2KVA 90-240V/50-60Hz/2KVA 90-240V/50-60Hz/2KVA
Dimension mm 500x650x815 500x650x815 500x650x815
Net Weight Kg 90 90 90
Notice: please notice us your appplication voltage, such as 220V, 110V, or 100V. We supply CKD-SMLC-60 with 60W MOPA laser also.


                          Rotary                                       CD&User manual                              Power cable                                        Foot-switch
Notice:Rotary is optional, you can choose with or not.

* Shipping by air, by sea, by car, by train and by combined transport, send to all over the world

Q1: Whats the warranty?
A1: Two years for laser source, one year for other parts, change or repair the broken parts during warranty, our FAE will teach you how to remove the broken parts by video.
Warranty excluding man-made damage.
We are real warranty based series number on the machine, not false or empty promises, any too long time warranty is unreliable, ourt warrannty is effective and enforceable.

Q2: Whats the package?
A2 : We have 3 layers package. For the outside, we adopt wood craft case. 
In the middle, the machine is covered by foam,to protect the machine from shaking. For the inside layer, the machine is covered by thickening plastic
bag for waterproof.

Q3: How to install and run the machine?
A3: You will get details in user manual, you only need install the column with laser path and put on monitor of computer.
You will get a CD of orginal marking software and online video about basic operation.
You also will get a software operation manual and you can be a laser marking master after reading and practics.
You can send your questions to our online after-serive 24 hours.

Q4: How can i know the machine is what exactly i need?
A4: Please send us your material photo, marking speed demand, marking size demand and so on, you will get a promptly help from us.

Q5: How you can keep your quality.
A6: Strict production process with four times checking from metal parts, optical components, installing specification to whole machines 12 hours burning.
Meet CE, FDA, and IEC standards, you will get a unquestionably reliable machine from CKD LASER! Your every peny is deserve.


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