10kw-700kw City Sewage Landfill Oil Farm Coal Mine Biomass Gas Genset, Power Plant Generator

Model NO.
Jichai Engine or Chargewe Engine
Application Area
Industry Project, Hospital, Hotel, etc
Meccalte, Marathon, Leroy Somer
Deif, Cmap, Deepsea, etc
Option Type
Container, CHP, Cchp, Heat Recovery
Control System
Germany Motortech
Rated Voltage
Jichai engine, Chargewe brand or OEM brand
Transport Package
Plastic Membrane(Film) Packing or Carton Box Ect.
Shandong, China
HS Code
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10kw-700kw City Sewage Gas, Landfill gas, Oil gas, farm biogas, Coal mine gas,biomass gas genset,power plant generator 

Applied gas:
Natural Gas, Biogas, City Sewage Gas, Landfill gas, Oil gas, farm biogas, Coal mine gas,etc
Biomass Generator Set
Biomass exists in various categories, on is in plants category such as wood,crop(straws of rice,wheat,bean,cotton,busk etc),weeds,algae and so on.others such as animal wastes,spoil and the organic exist in water and rubbish ect.
There are mainly three ways to generate power with biomass nowadays: gasification power generation, combustion generation and CHP technology.
Requirement for Biomass gas
1.Within 1m to the intake valve of gas generator set.
2.Gas temperature ≤40°C
3.Pressure 3-20kpa,pressure changing rate≤1kpa/min
4. H2S≤200mg/Nm³
5. NH3≤20mg/Nm³
6.Tar Content ≤20mg/ N m³
7.Moisture content≤40g/N m³
8.Impurity particle size≤5μm, impurity content≤30mg/N m³
9.Heat value not less than 4.2MJ/ N m³
10. If there are too much sulfur and ammonia in the gas,it will not only corrode the electrode of sparking plug seriously but also increase the acid value of engine oil which will corrode the parts inside of genset, easy to generation sediment and increase the attrition corrosion to the engine.

Main Specification

Model Engine No. Rated Power Rated Speed (r/min) Size(mm) N.W(kg)  
CW-20GFJ CW4105 20KW 1500 2200×850×1300 900  
CW-30GFJ CW4105 30KW 1500 2200×850×1300 900  
CW-40GFJ CW6105 40KW 1500 2700×850×1350 1200  
CW-50GFJ CW6105 50KW 1500 2700×850×1350 1200  
CW-60GFJ CW4135 60KW 1500 2300×850×1350 1300  
CW-80GFJ CW6135 80KW 1500 4000×120×1750 2300  
CW-100GFJ CW6135 100KW 1500 4000×120×1750 2300  
CW-120GFJ CW12V135 120KW 1500 4000×120×1750 4000  
CW-150GFJ CW12V135 150KW 1500 4000×120×1750 4000  
CW-200GFJ CW12V135 200KW 1500 4000×120×1750 4000  
CW-300GFJ 6190ZLDT-2 300KW 1000 5600×1970×2170 9000  
CW-400GFJ 12V190DT-2 400KW 1000 5600×1970×2235 11000  
CW-500GFJ 12V190ZLDT-2 500KW 1000 5600×1970×2670 11500  
CW-600GFJ 12V190ZLT 600KW 1000 5600×1970×2670 11500  

The key and premise of generating gas is that biomass is gasified and generated gas.according to different crafts,there are many kinds of equipments to generate biomass gas. The higher the heat value of biomass gas the less impurity to generate more electric power. It will not only increase the efficiency of generating gas,but also reduce the damage to generator equipment by impurity.
Acceptable working conditions:
Ambient temperature : -10°C~+40°C 
(antifreeze or preheater needed for below 0°C)
Relative humidity:<90%(20°C)
Normal working conditions:
Genset can run at rated power on the conditions:
Atmospheric Pressure: 100kPa, Ambient Temp: 20°C, Relative Humidity: 30%.
Standard Scope of Supply:
1. Brand new gas engine, 90% parts include engine body , crank shaft, cam shaft, piston, cylinder head, etc with best quality
2. Brand new brushless France Meccalte,Leroy Somer,Stamford alternator
3. Rating: 3 phases 4 lines. 400/230V, 50 HZ/60HZ , 1500rpm/1200rpm/1000rpm, 0.8PF, IP22-23, Insulation class H (60Hz 1200RPM option)
4. Radiator for 40°C/50°C ambient temperature
5. Ignition system adopted Germany Motortech
6. Emergency stop mounted
7. Battery,Battery cable and Battery charger
8. Standard tool box
9.Standard Accessory for installation (include bellows,silencer,flange,asbestos pad,Anti-rust water,screw )
10.Gas Train include Regulator valve,Electromagnetic Valve, Fire arrestor,Ball Valve (Chinese brand)
Accessories list
1. Maintenance Operation manual
2. Quality certificate, Gen-sets ex-factory testing report

1. Sound-proof / Container canopy
2. CHP & CCHP system
3. Grid parallel system
4. Remote radiator or horizontal type radiator
5. Auto oil filling system
6. Water heater
7. Oil heater
8. Gas leaking detector
9. Flame detector
10.Gas scrubber

Gas generator key benefits

Cost-effective power generation
Flexibility to quickly ramp power supply up or down
Exceptional performance and reliability
Reduced environmental impact
Combined heat and power provision
24/7, turn-key service

Reduced environmental impact
Chaiwei Power natural gas generators adopt Jichai or Weichai or Chargewe brand gas engines. These heavy-duty, spark-arrested, turbo-charged, after-cooled engines have a purpose built alternator which is suitable for continuous operation in hash environments. The patented fuel system and advanced engine design ensure emission regulations are met as they are highly efficient with a virtually smoke free operation.
Compared to diesel generators, gas generators have a much lower sulphur, NOx and greenhouse gas emission content.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) benefits
Chaiwei Power gas power solution allows customers to use heat generated by the natural gas powered units, to produce hot water for the customers own CHP units. This can be vital in many processing environments in creating added saving for the customer. This facility supports combined heat and power
Strategies, without the need for long term capital investment in new plant.

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